ZAO ENIX Eleron-3 (Aileron-3)

Weapons, Vehicles, Air, Ground


ZAO ENIX Eleron-3 (Aileron-3) Eleron–3 remote observation system. Aileron-3 - Russian multipurpose unmanned aircraft designed in 2005, the company ZAO "ENIKS". Design UAV Aileron-3 conducted by Russian aircraft manufacturers and experts in the field of aerospace technology-based unmanned device Aileron model, which over the years of its operation could wonderful way to prove itself. In fact, the development of the Eleron-3 unmanned aerial vehicle began in 2004, and in just a year, Russian aircraft manufacturers managed to fully implement this project, which turned out to be very promising, as evidenced by the fact that during the production period, which continues to this day, more than 200 copies of this device have been built. – Easy to set up – Fully scripted – Engine sounds – Animated rotors Weapons: – it-self



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